About Us


Welcome to Nouveau Marketplace a one stop shop featuring the latest in Women’s fashion. Nouveau which means modern stands for what we want to be able to offer you; Contemporary style through pieces that you will love and carry on from season to season. Our goal is to empower women to look and feel their best by offering trendy, minimal and classic pieces that can inspire you to be your best self,  We do this with full passion and creativity. Born in May 2020 in Los Angeles, Created by a Mexican born fashion designer who's dream is to be able to offer fashion without the mold of who should be wearing it. At Nouveau marketplace we want to break the mold because fashion should be fun and for everyone. We want to offer great prices without compromising quality as well as special pieces that will add value to your closet. We recognize the different necessities that each of your wardrobes has and seek to always provide you with on-trend and timeless transitional pieces that are readily available. The bigger Dream is for Nouveau Marketplace to be a full exclusive brand. We are here to stay!